“We FIGHT to create opportunity and growth for our creators, because what would the world be without artists, a world without those who create? We dare not find out.”

This Is Colonize.

Never Stop Hustling

Let's face it, being a creator is tough business. We have grown to understand that better than anyone. So over the course of the last decade, we have built a custom set of tools and strategies specifically designed to grow and better creators, letting you focus your time and energy on what you do best.


Best In Class Expertise

Channel & Content Management

Get it right the first time. Cross your T's, dot your I's. Make your channel and content clean for everyone with optimized, robust content. From video annotations and proper tagging, to social media verifications and optimized SEO or even proper content syndication, we're your partner and here to push you to the next level.

Content Monetization

Content Monetization is what we do best. With advanced understanding of rights, policies, licensing and everything in between, we are here to shepherd your content and drive revenue for you.

Content ID

Content ID is a lot more complex than it has to be. It's your content, so you own it, right? Each platform is designed differently, so we make sure your content is identified as yours and isn't misused anywhere.

User Dashboard

Knowing is half the battle, so understanding where your content is or isn't performing, is key. With our intuitive, productive and responsive dashboard, it's easy to understand and make real decisions from your content's performance.

Customer Service

We see you as a partner, even a family member, and as issues arise, we’ll take care of it. From rights management to strategies and payments, reach out. We’re here.

Brand Partnerships

Building Brand Partnerships is an important piece of the puzzle. These partnerships lead to a bigger reach and new revenue streams. It's time to introduce you to a whole new world.


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